Good Food Court (FC)
FC-1 Bronzeville Sausage Co. (Saturday)
FC-2 Tivanov Balkan Treasure (Saturday)
FC-3 JuiceRx (Saturday)
FC-4 Art of Dosa
FC-5 Amez Infusions
FC-6 Moon Meals

Good Food Accelerator Alley (GFA)
GFA-1 Jenny’s Tofu/Phoenix Bean
GFA-2 Within Without
GFA-3 TeaSquares (Saturday)
GFA-4 The ZenSweet Company
GFA-5 Lil’ Gourmets, LLC
GFA-6 Here
GFA-7 Frönen Foods
GFA-8 Kitchfix
GFA-9 Cultured Love
GFA-10 Chicago Kale Chip Co.

Farmer’s Forum (FF)
FF-1 Urban Canopy
FF-2 Cook County Farm Bureau (Friday); Just Roots Chicago (Saturday)
FF-3 Starry Nights Farm
FF-4 Rolling Meadows Farm Brewery (Friday); Sitka Salmon Shares (Saturday)
FF-5 Country View Dairy (Friday); Terra Vitae Farms (Saturday)
FF-6 Angelic Organics Learning Center/Routes to Farm
FF-7 Angelic Organics Learning Center/Routes to Farm
FF-8 Nichols Farm & Orchard LLC
FF-9 Breslin Farms LLC
FF-10 Spent Group
FF-11 Produce Auction (Fri); Gardeneers (Saturday)
FF-12 Eden Place Farms
FF-13 John Bailey Honey
FF-14 All Grass Farms
FF-15 Gourmet Gorilla and Grow Good Foods (Friday); Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) (Saturday)
FF-16 Pilot Light (Friday); Crate Free Illinois (Saturday)
FF-17 The Mill at Janie’s Farm
FF-18 St. Steve’s Cordials & Sodas/Mud Lake Farm, LLC
FF-19 Tomato Mountain Farms
FF-20 Gitto Farm N Kitchen
FF-21 Gotham Greens
FF-22 Chicago Lights Urban Farm
FF-23 Tiny But Mighty Popcorn
FF-24 Tiny But Mighty Popcorn
FF-25 Chicago Market – A Community Co-op/Dill Pickle Co-op/Rogers Park Food Co-op
FF-26 B & E’s Trees
FF-27 Nodding Onion Farm
FF-28 Seal the Seasons (Friday); Timberfeast: Illinois Grass-Fed Meats (Saturday)
FF-29 This Old Farm
FF-30 Garfield Produce Company (Friday); Willow Ridge Organic Farm (Saturday)
FF-31 Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks/The Fresh Picks Farmer Alliance
FF-32 Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks/The Fresh Picks Farmer Alliance

Tables Assignments 1 – 67
1-4: FamilyFarmed/Naturally Chicago
5-6: National Vegetarian Museum (Saturday)
7-8: State Farm (Saturday)
9-10: SLoFIG/Phyter Foods/Rumi Spice
11: Advocates for Urban Agriculture (Friday)
12-13: Green Mountain Energy
14: Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) (Friday); Slow Food Chicago (Saturday)
15: Lifeway Foods
16: Lazaar Dates
17: Chocolate San Jose-Minneapolis
18: The Worthy Company
19: Craveity Marketing, LLC/The Kombucha Shop
20: CARAT USA/Maven Car Sharing
21. Aspire
22. Savory Accents
23. Regalis Foods
24. Business Enterprise Program (BEP)/ Illinois Central Management Services (Friday); Poppilu (Saturday)
25. Concordia Place
26. The Hatchery Chicago
27. Power Home Remodeling
28. Craftwater  
29. Passanante’s Home Food Services
30. Urban Farmer
31. Somers Family MustKetch
32. The Guiltless Garden
33. Chicago Bread Club
34-35. Pre Brands
36. Century Sun Oil
37. Blake’s Seed Based
38. Yakult USA
39. K-Mama Sauce
40. Score Chicago
41. Chicago Community Loan Fund
42. Forbidden Root
43. Crapola
44-45. MadeGood Foods
46. Chiro One
47. Fufluns’ Foods
48. BPV Products
49. Professor Torbert’s Orange Corn/NutraMaize
50. FoxxPopp
51. Balkan Treasure – YoBul! (Friday); Big Fork Brands (Saturday)
52-53. Onyx (Friday)
54. Gindo’s Spice of Life
55. Faith in Place
56-57. Renewal by Andersen
58. Bright Beat
59. UIC Office of Sustainability
60. Imperfect Produce
61. Boxed Water is Better
62-63. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (Sat)
64. Spiral Sun
65. The Mentoring Gardens
66. CocinaKS
67. Soilless Plants