FamilyFarmed invites its exhibitors year round to share their stories and promote their products and participation in the Good Food EXPO.  FamilyFarmed shares newsletters and blog posts regularly and we like to include information promoting our Good Food EXPO exhibitors.  There are two options to submit your business information and are listed below.  To submit, please email Bob Benenson, FamilyFarmed’s Communications Manager, at  We look forward to hearing from you! 

OPTION #1: Short blurbs with highlights and links

Answer the following questions and we will include a compilation of highlights and links to exhibitor websites.

–  Why did you register to exhibit at the Good Food EXPO?

–  What products are you most excited about promoting at the Good Food EXPO? Any new product releases

–  What was the biggest business benefit you derived from exhibiting at the Good Food EXPO in the past?

–  How does your business fit into and advance the Good Food movement?

–  What did you enjoy most about participating as an exhibitor in the past?

OPTION #2: Share your story in the first person  

If you would like to take a little more time and space to share your story in the first person we can include a longer length profile of your business on FamilyFarmed’s blog Good Food On Every Table.  Bob Benenson can help you develop a more in-depth profile posting. Below are some initial guidelines. Please feel free to follow up with Bob directly at

Guidelines for Option 2

Pre-conferencing: We will have a conversation before you start writing so we’re literally on the same page about your approach to your story. That way there will be no surprises or misunderstandings during the editing process. Since you’re telling your own story, we prefer to do as little editing as necessary.

Word count/length: What we look for is good storytelling and we have no set target for word count. If you think you can tell your story in 250 words, don’t write more. If you think you need 1,000 or so words to fully tell your story, don’t write less because you’re worried it’s too long. The most important rule is to write a compelling story that holds the readers’ interest from beginning to end, and provide some takeaways from your experience that the readers might be able to put to use if they are entrepreneurs or are thinking about starting a business.

Deadlines: We have a pretty flexible publishing schedule. When we discuss the story you’re going to write, we’ll set a target date for you to file. It likely won’t matter much if you find you need another day or two, but I’ll count on you to give me a heads up if you need a considerable amount of extra time.

Photos: We definitely want those. Bob does most of the photography for Good Food on Every Table and would be happy to do a site visit for Fellows in the Chicago area (or farther if it can be arranged). But if you want to supply your own high-def photos for the piece, that is totally fine too.

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